Event | 25th October 2017

Meet and Lunch in Paris

IDBS & ChemAxon presents the first joint Meet & Lunch in Paris:

  • Why is it time to change your legacy ELN and Chemical Registration System?
  • What does the IDBS and ChemAxon Strategic partnership mean in practice?

We will effectively showcase how our clients managed to migrate their legacy data to the IDBS E-WorkBook and Chem Axon’s Compound Registration.


Presentations through our clients’ eyes, will discuss:

(1) Partnership – IDBS and ChemAxon

  • Objectives of the partnership
  • How does the partnership translate into tangible solutions
  • Demonstration of E-WorkBook Chemistry overview
    • Organic synthesis
    • handling biomolecules
    • parallel synthesis

(2) User Story – Migration from legacy system to ChemAxon’s Compound Registration

WHEN: November 15th 2017 from 9am -1:30pm

WHERE: 43 Rue La Fayette 75009, Paris

Use the registration box on the right hand side to sign up.


Please arrive to the event around 8:30 am to promptly begin at 9am.

Participation includes a coffee break, and will end with a lunch at around 12:15 pm.


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