How to award your scientists with time to innovate

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Time saved in R&D is innovation gained

Due to a lack of fully integrated laboratory informatics systems, too often, scientists don’t have the time or resources to focus on one of the most fundamentally important aspects of their jobs – innovation.

With the electronic data and note capture of a properly implemented informatics system, there is no more need for cutting and pasting, reducing time expenditure of general journaling practices by 40%1. This can equate to up to 2-4 hours of saved time per day per scientist – and time saved leads to innovation gained.

The innovation mindset

The pressure to innovate and stay at the forefront of industry has never been so high. Because of the heightened competitiveness of the market, scientific research and development is being pushed in new, possibly unforeseen directions. Recent data indicates an expected spending increase of 15.5% on R&D from 2015-20202, which will only raise the influence and demand of contract research organizations in companies of all sizes.

Proven innovation

The IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud platform has been designed from the ground up to behave, look and feel like a single, seamless application, specifically to meet the future challenges of scientific and R&D data management.

This provides a superior user experience, and eliminates the need to maintain complex integrations between systems from different vendors – allowing users to drastically simplify the deployment process and focus on data quality and innovation.

Innovate with the IDBS E-workbook Cloud

As outsourcing needs increase, and networks expand beyond silos, the opportunity for data sharing and insight will grow exponentially. New tools are required to consolidate and share data within a secure knowledge hub – providing a collaborative, cohesive workflow to spark innovation. But as with all things, not all tools are created equal.



1 Gartner, Hype Cycle for Life Sciences, 2015
2 Nielsen, How to Flip 85% Misses to 85% Hits: Lessons From the Nielsen Breakthrough Innovation Project, June 2014

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