Event | 8th September 2017

APA & APS Conference 2017

Join IDBS at the 13th Annual APA & APS Conference 2017!

IDBS Booth: Table #9

The IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud combines the best of a LIMS, LES and ELN into one platform to help you manage your operations and reduce your backlogs without having to deploy yet another standalone system.


Benefits of our IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud for Bioanalysis:
• Enforce 100% compliance with your bioanalytical method
• Quickly identify exceptions to the specified process
• Eliminate deviations
• Electronic methods to drive all aspects of sample analysis
• Shorten study duration by up to 60% by:
• Streamlining study review and QA audit
• Eliminating paper study binders and equipment logbooks
• Facilitating sample preparation by easing documentation burden
• Prepare & qualify material – analyse stock solutions, Cals/QCs,
Matrix pools
• Print barcodes, track storage locations and generate usage logs

For more information and to register visit their website: https://www.bostonsociety.org/APA/

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