Event | 8th September 2017

APA & APS Conference 2017

Join IDBS at the 13th Annual APA & APS Conference 2017!

IDBS E-WorkBook Modules IDBS Booth: Table #9

The IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud combines the best of a LIMS, LES and ELN into one platform to help you manage your operations and reduce your backlogs without having to deploy yet another standalone system.


Benefits of our IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud for Bioanalysis:
• Enforce 100% compliance with your bioanalytical method
• Quickly identify exceptions to the specified process
• Eliminate deviations
• Electronic methods to drive all aspects of sample analysis
• Shorten study duration by up to 60% by:
• Streamlining study review and QA audit
• Eliminating paper study binders and equipment logbooks
• Facilitating sample preparation by easing documentation burden
• Prepare & qualify material – analyse stock solutions, Cals/QCs,
Matrix pools
• Print barcodes, track storage locations and generate usage logs

For more information and to register visit their website: https://www.bostonsociety.org/APA/

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Webinar | September 30 | DLX Integration within E-WorkBook

This session will provide an overview of IDBS’s upcoming plans to embed the DLX platform within E-WorkBook Cloud to provide a scalable, enterprise-grade integration backbone for lab connectivity and workflow orchestration. Following the overview, there will be an open forum to discuss some of the challenges in delivering lab integration at scale and feedback on workflows / instrument classes that should be considered for initial prioritization.

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Webinar | September 21 | Upcoming Analytics Launch

IDBS is excited for its upcoming analytics launch and will update attendees to the progress made in this space which will have real benefits to its system administrators and spreadsheet data consumers. E-WorkBook Cloud and Polar customers will learn about new capabilities soon available to them – and E-WorkBook on-premise customers will learn about some business benefits of migrating to the cloud.

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