12 Tips for Increasing Workplace Productivity with Technology

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Workplace productivity has increased by 84% during the past 40 years because of advancements in digital technology.

New and innovative technology can streamline processes and increase output like never before.

TIP 1:
Employ effective data management solutions that will take the pressure off staff

TIP 2:
Focus on creating structured data by introducing things like standardized naming conventions

TIP 3:
Choose a system that will index all content and offer additional search facilities, such as subject headers and keyword tagging

TIP 4:
Look to assess current processes and identify areas in the business that could be streamlined

TIP 5:
Make use of intuitive technology that simplifies data storage and creates a central data repository

TIP 6:
Optimize processes by utilizing software that requires one data entry point rather than four or five

TIP 7:
Consider the impact technology solutions will have on the entire business, not just  the teams who’ll be using it

TIP 8:
Reduce pressure on IT teams by selecting easy-to-install solutions where possible

TIP 9:
Choose solutions that consolidate multiple systems into one central offering, to simplify

TIP 10:
Encourage anywhere, any time access across an organization by choosing cloud-based solutions

TIP 11:
Look to introduce solutions that offer a central location for project information, and enable people to collaborate in real time

TIP 12:
Choose cloud-based solutions that are easy to implement and understand, to minimize disruption


So how can you use this technology to increase productivity in your business? Download our tipsheet and contact us to find out more.

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