Why You Need a Next-Generation Chemistry Platform


An informative look at the changing landscape of chemical research and why you should change your legacy ELN to future-proof the R&D process and gain efficiency

The scale of an organization acts as a barrier to creating value in R&D, and it is recognized that greater efficiencies in product discovery and development can be achieved by empowering decision makers and establishing a dynamic process to fund multiple small projects of interest. Many companies choose to work with contract research organizations (CROs) to boost innovation, leading to a change in the informatics landscape, as internal and external stakeholders expect to enter and consume data from different sources.

Moreover, the rise of biological drugs is influencing the world of chemistry, generating a new hybrid field of research. Medicinal chemists are required to deviate from the traditional familiar world of small molecules to derive synthetic variants of peptides, nucleotides and antibodies, the drugs of the future. Users need to accurately represent these biological molecules in a meaningful manner (as opposed to just identifiers), so the intellectual property is correctly retained.

Dated desktop applications are increasingly perceived as clunky and inflexible, and the overall trend is towards a modern clean web solution that provides easy access to data.

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