Overcoming the Challenges of Migrating Your Chemistry ELN to the Cloud


An informative look at the transfer of your legacy chemical knowledge management system to a modern SaaS platform and how it can transform your business

Many companies have spent years investing in their on-premise applications, with the associated research data and intellectual property being a valued corporate asset. It’s expected that companies will want to leverage this investment within new modern applications that are web enabled (for easy consumption of data) and more analytically driven.

With a common trend of IT budget restrictions driving a consolidation of systems, organizations are looking to have a lower total cost of ownership, while maintaining – if not increasing – the value from their data. Hence, it’s not practical to continue the past practises and continue to invest into old technology that will have a finite shelf life. Rather, it makes more business sense to implement new technology, with a goal to leverage and capitalize on the existing intellectual property, while providing new functionality to the end users, where the impact will be the greatest.

The influencing decisions for new technology aren’t just rooted in IT. The world of chemical R&D is being shaped by the rise of synthetic biological compounds and by the increased usage of externalized research with CRO partners. As such, the demands on your business will change, and the users’ expectations of the software will increase to meet these demands.

So why continue to invest in applications that will be a barrier to your agility to adapt to changing environments? Download your copy of the eBook below to find out.

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