Formulations Development

Webinar | Presented on 18 Aug 2016

Supporting formulators’ workflow and building a knowledge base of what’s been made before

E-WorkBook provides formulation development groups with a new level of insight into their formulation designs and processes. They are able to design, perform process steps, and link analytical results to ensure data produced during the process is captured, stored, and reported on appropriately.

By managing your entire process in E-WorkBook you will be able to easily trace, track and trend data across multiple batches, excipients, tests and projects. This enables the business to work more efficiently and uItimately save time in running the workflows and ensure that discoveries can be highlighted at an earlier stage.

Find out in this webinar how E-WorkBook can transform your approach to formulations.

Presenter: Christine Zubris, Head of North America Business Development, IDBS.

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