E-WorkBook Inventory is a simple-to-use web solution which enables you to seamlessly manage all your laboratory inventory needs from one place, helping you save time and boost productivity.

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Using E-WorkBook, you can manage your lab inventory with our integrated, web-enabled tool.

E-WorkBook Inventory is designed around how scientists search, navigate and use the inventory they need. Tracking the history of events, usage in their experiments is logged every time inventory is used.

Our out-of-the-box module requires minimal configuration and is easy to maintain, keeping your inventory digitally organized.

When it comes to management of lab equipment, materials and samples, simplicity is key.

Information is easy to add and even easier to transfer using a barcode reader, and with options to extend metadata and configure storage, it can be adapted to meet your business needs.

Why manually manage spreadsheets and risk errors when you can be sure of data quality, compliance and safety?

Simplify your lab inventory management and boost productivity with E-WorkBook Inventory.

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