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INDUSTRIAL SCIENCES: Improved efficiency & data quality equates to time to market

Time to market is key in the industrial sciences market. Research & Innovation (R&I) teams working in industrial sciences often work on stressful, deadline-orientated projects. Being first to market is key, and the timelines are much shorter compared to other Research & Development (R&D) domains, such as the pharmaceutical industry.

Once a market opportunity has been identified, having an innovative product idea is just the start. Products must be formulated, and put through a barrage of physical and analytical tests to ensure the product meets the market’s needs and requirements.

Assuming the product specifications are appropriate, there is still the aggressive stage-gate process to navigate. Companies need to quickly establish the cost of raw materials, identify possible large-scale production issues and how these factors could impact time to market. Given there will be multiple product candidates pushing for internal investment, companies need to quickly determine where they will use strategic resources to yield the biggest return.

Quite simply, if the numbers don’t add up,
then there is little point in moving the product forwards.

Whilst many of these processes are not dissimilar to other ‘traditional’ R&D industries, the speed at which these decisions need to be made is critical. Many global companies are registering hundreds of patents a year, and this can be across more than 40 functional areas in which they operate, with each group having their own competitors.

E-WorkBook for Industrial Sciences

E-WorkBook plays a significant role in the R&I process across many global Industrial Sciences companies. E-WorkBook is saving 1000s of scientists several hours per week by removing laborious paper-based processes, improving workflow execution and enabling faster reporting.

E-WorkBook enables our customers to make fast and effective decisions because all the R&I data is where it should be… at their fingertips.

Unique Flexibility

Given the diverse nature of their products and markets, our customers require a uniquely scalable and flexible platform that can manage the diverse data types that are created during the product development lifecycle.

Companies also need fast access to R&I data to support external requests for product information. Integrated request management and reporting capabilities bring together all the data generated for a given product efficiently.

Operational Excellence

E-WorkBook offers our customers the chance to review, improve and harmonize routine R&I processes across global business units, which leads to improved data quality and confidence in the reported data that may come from several global R&I units.

Planning for the Future

Data can be useless without context. E-WorkBook offers our customers the chance to build a knowledge legacy. It is well documented that companies are feeling the pressure of long-term staff retiring, with the concurrent loss of decades of industry knowledge.

Building a ‘single point of truth’ for R&I activities provides a competitive advantage for our customers. The next generation of scientists expect modern, easy-to-use, flexible software to work with. They want to understand what worked and, more importantly, what did not work in the past.

Global Communication & Collaboration

R&I is a global business; companies can be running hundreds of collaborative projects at any one time. The IDBS platform provides tools to support in-line communication, review processes, global task assignment and drive faster decision making by surfacing previously unseen data globally. The E-WorkBook Cloud can be extended further to incorporate external innovation partners and CROs.


E-WorkBook – Supporting Industrial Sciences

  • Single scalable platform available as a SaaS or on-premise solution
  • Promotes global collaboration internally and externally
  • Integrates to devices and corporate systems
  • Support for formulation and recipe management activities
  • Chemical reaction planning, execution and searching
  • Fully integrated inventory management capabilities
  • Workflow templates for harmonized data capture and analysis
  • Configurable reporting tools
  • Fully searchable MS Office documents and PDFs
  • Easy-to-use, secure web interface that ensures strong user adoption and easy deployment
  • Full version control and audit trail of all content
  • Improved compliance support through greater traceability

Whatever your scientific discipline, E-WorkBook can help you connect your data and your people. Get in touch to find out how we can help you with your specific data management challenges.

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