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IDBS Blog | 16th June 2017

E-WorkBook Request Joins The E-WorkBook Cloud

We have added E-WorkBook Request, our work request management platform, to The E-WorkBook Cloud!

Naturally, we’re pretty excited, but we also know what you’re thinking: “So, what is it? What does it do? And why should I care?”

Quite simply, E-WorkBook Request makes raising, tracking and fulfilling work requests quicker, easier and more efficient, whilst also removing the need for complex, custom integrations between ELNs, LES, LIMS and other tools.

Instead, with E-WorkBook Request, teams can prioritize, schedule and fulfil complex multi-step internal and external work requests, ensuring everything is completed on time and in the right order.

The benefits to you?

  • You get a clear view of ongoing work
  • You have the ability to find data quickly and efficiently
  • And you can significantly reduce your admin time, meaning you can spend more time doing the good stuff!

And that’s not all – you can even combine E-WorkBook Request with our ELN and Inventory modules that combine to provide the very best of what you get with a LIMS and other traditional lab systems, in a way you didn’t think possible. You can read more here!

If you would like to find out how E-WorkBook Request can make light work of your lab work, then talk to one of our experts today.

You can read the full press release here.

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