E-WorkBook for Collaboration


E-WorkBook for Collaboration is a secure, cloud-based technology that enables companies, who collaborate with external parties, to create secure spaces to share ideas, data, analysis methods and IP.


E-WorkBook is a SaaS platform for managing scientific collaborations easily.

E-WorkBook to enables fast, scalable and secure third-party collaboration and external research.

Dedicated workspaces means you have complete control over data access, with secure areas for working with different partners and collaborators outside the firewall.

Project managers can assemble collaborative teams instantly and harmonize with other users’ activity. You can capture, share and review chemical structures, analytical data, protocols and test results all within the platform.

Managing collaborative research and development projects through basic file sharing and emails doesn’t make sense anymore. E-WorkBook enables you to capture your results  with a single click.

Save time, stay organized and collaborate with E-WorkBook.

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