Delivering Quality Results in a Pharmaceutical Platform Faster


How an integrated pharmaceutical development platform can meet the needs of both analytical development and QC teams

Analytical Development and QC teams are continually challenged to deliver results faster. However, in the absence of a modern informatics infrastructure, analytical teams can only manage their workload reactively and deal with problems retrospectively, which results in reduced agility and capacity. However, any initiative to address these problems by ‘going electronic’ needs to go further than simply replacing paper notebooks.

In the whitepaper ‘Delivering quality results faster’, we describe how deploying a common data management environment across the Development organization can expedite the development and transfer of robust processes, reduce costs, improve quality and enhance corporate image. In addition to exploring the benefits Analytical teams can expect to achieve and by taking a platform approach, this whitepaper also explains how an Integrated Development Platform can meet the needs of both analytical development and QC.


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