Capturing Quality Data for Better Results

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A better way to ensure data quality

Protecting your data capture process with the right laboratory informatics system can save time, energy, stress, and money.

Unsurprisingly, in a recent survey of key companies in pharma and biotech, 70% listed ‘increasing data usability in and out of the laboratory’ as a top priority of their organizations. And 42% of respondents expected to invest in an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) in the next few years1.

Transcription of notes inserts errors into datasets

We live in a world governed by data. But much of the data generated in a fast-paced research and development (R&D) laboratory is still captured in notebooks and subject to transcription errors, which can be devastating to results down the line.

Decision-quality is led by data-quality

The IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud platform has been designed from the ground up to behave, look, and feel like a single, seamless application. This provides a superior user experience, and eliminates the need to maintain complex integrations between systems from different vendors – allowing users to drastically simplify the deployment process and to focus on quality and innovation.

Ensure compliance from day one

Data driven analysis governs and informs our work. We exist in a world of data driven decision-making. The quality of your data will determine the quality of your decisions.

With the right ELN, the entire R&D process can flow with seamless, and comparatively worry-free, assurance. But not all ELNs are created equal.



1 2015 Laboratory Knowledge Management Survey Results – Pharma IQ conducted April/ May 2015


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