Benefits of a Collaborative Business

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Increases opportunities for innovation

Most organizations will soon need to adapt to the business environment of growing partnerships and flexible collaboration around the world.

But speed and economic benefit are not the sole motivators for expanding networks – collaboration across disciplines has also been shown to dramatically increase innovation when compared with more siloed structures.

Collaboration rules

Due to the demands of cost cutting and speed, the traditional approach of Research and Development (R&D) organizations, operating in closed off and insulated ecosystems, is changing rapidly. In the 2016 Contract Pharma Outsourcing Survey, 73% of industry professionals highlighted an increased demand for outsourcing1.

Collaborative business in action

The IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud platform has been designed from the ground up to behave, look and feel like a single, seamless application. This provides a superior user experience and eliminates the need to maintain complex integrations between systems from different vendors – allowing users to drastically simplify the deployment process and improve team collaboration for better results.

Secure collaboration

New tools are required to navigate the sticky relationships of connectivity, security, data creation, capture, and archiving. Data needs to be high quality, easily accessible, and seamlessly integrated within the overall processes.

Secure, but standardized, business-to-business collaboration is required, where users from external locations can be incorporated and versed in software usage quickly. Cloud-based services offer organizations such options, with scalable capabilities that can quickly ramp up or down with changing project needs.



1 2016 Annual Outsourcing Survey, Contract Pharma Magazine

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