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IDBS Blog | 18th May 2017

To LIMS or Not to LIMS?

So, you think you need a LIMS to execute your solutions workflows? You’re not the only one.

For years, a LIMS has been one of the ‘go to’ products to support laboratory operations. But, although the features of laboratory information management systems have improved over time, the systems still tend to sit isolated in the laboratory ecosystems – unable to ‘talk’ or interact with other technologies. If you need new functionality, it’s likely you’re going to need to purchase yet another stand-alone system.

Even so, if you need a LIMS, you look for a LIMS, right? Think again. In fact, you might not need a LIMS at all…

Imagine a single platform where you could combine the functionality of a LIMS with lots of additional functionality in a way you didn’t think possible.

A platform where you can register samples, track their location, assign them to a project/study/run, enable schedules and notifications, retrieve raw data from instrument software, manage electronic methods and track their execution, prevent deviations and enable analysis and write up in a compliant auditable way, enabling fast searching and reporting for end to end processes. Yes, all from the same platform.

Welcome to The IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud!

The E-WorkBook Cloud is our cloud-based R&D platform that supports internal, external and hybrid data management and research needs. Featuring eight intuitive modules, The E-WorkBook Cloud lets you add the features and functionality you need (when you need it), so if you’re looking for a LIMS it could be as simple as adding our ELN (our cloud-based enterprise lab notebook), Inventory (our laboratory inventory management software) and Request (our work request management platform) to your E-WorkBook Cloud. It’s flexible, scalable, powerful and enterprise-ready.

So, do you still think you need a LIMS?

To find out how The E-WorkBook Cloud can help you, get in touch with us today.

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