The E-WorkBook Cloud REQUEST Module

Webinar | Presented on 12 Oct 2017

Work requesting & orchestration made easy
with E-WorkBook Request…

R&D requires the effective coordination of teams and resources across business units, geographies and increasing, with external partners. This webinar introduces E-WorkBook Request, a cloud-based solution designed specially to facilitate work orchestration between R&D service provider units and their customers across complex projects.

Combining work requests, resource planning, report delivery and business metrics, E-WorkBook Request provides a unique integrated solution to accelerate complex project progression.

If you are challenged by the changing scientific work landscape, you’re not alone. 80% of Pharma companies have increased their outsourcing of research to external partners over the last few years, and research hubs near academia and biotechs are in vogue. Labs are increasingly virtual and partners are located around the globe.

Tracking who is doing what, by when, and seeing the latest progress is painful. Teams receiving and delivering analysis work are being burdened with emails and phone calls asking “are we nearly there yet?” Analytical teams often glue process together in paper/Excel/Access/Email/Lotus Notes making it hard to deliver progress and data to customers.

In this webinar, you will learn how the E-WorkBook Request enables you to:

  • Raise work easily
  • Track work progress for items in series and in parallel
  • Plan and execute items of work, linking results to E-WorkBook or other systems

You should watch this webinar if you:

  • Have issues raising and tracking work across teams
  • Want to drive consistency of data capture
  • Need an easy way to plan a teams work
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