The E-WorkBook Cloud INVENTORY Module

Webinar | Presented on 21 Jun 2017

Join us for a live overview of how E-WorkBook Inventory turns the traditional LIMs/ELN paradigm on its head.

This webinar will showcase how E-WorkBook Inventory’s modern integrated design challenges the necessity of LIMS in the laboratory of the future.

So, when does an ELN replace a LIMS? When it turns the paradigm on its head and seamlessly integrates the ability to register, manage & track samples, laboratory equipment and materials directly from the laboratory execution workflow.

In this webinar, you will learn how E-WorkBook Inventory:

  1. Automatically tracks the usage of Inventory items in E-WorkBook across multiple workflows
  2. Improves the traceability of inventory usage and reinforces compliance
  3. Allows you to insert, track and share inventory items directly within your experiment

You should attend this webinar if you:

  • Want to simplify and centralise your inventory management and process execution
  • Want to control costs by improving the visibility of your on-hand inventory, boosting compliance, reducing errors and strengthening lab safety
  • Are entering the same data into multiple LIMS and ELN
  • Would like to integrate data flow and process execution quickly and effectively
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