The E-WorkBook Cloud CHEMISTRY Module

Webinar | Presented on 16 Aug 2017

Our webinar provides an overview of this modern, high performance platform that supports an integrated end-to-end workflow…

If your business involves the synthesis and route optimization of novel compounds, it needs more than just a place to draw reactions & register chemical structures.

This webinar will demonstrate how IDBS’ E-WorkBook Chemistry is a modern, high performing platform that supports an integrated end-to-end workflow from reaction planning, execution, analytical testing and registration, to accurately capture workflows of the synthetic chemist.

In this webinar, you will learn how the E-WorkBook for Chemistry platform:

  • Has a flexible stoichiometry engine that the user can modify on the fly, to accurately represent reaction workflows
  • Provides out-of-the-box integrations to chemical drawing tools (ChemDraw/BioviaDraw), inventory sources and ChemAxon registration system
  • Provides workflows for analytical samples and registration events and how this can be managed

You should watch this webinar if you:

  • Are new to laboratory notebooks and looking to move from a paper-based system
  • Have a legacy desktop chemistry solution, and wish to take advantage of a modern cloud platform for chemical data management
  • Work with external CRO partners for collaborative research and are looking to share data
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