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Justin Gazard, Global Pharmacology & ADME Business Partner for Research Business Technology at Pfizer, talks to us about how ActivityBase has helped the business assess their success better, improve internal communication and enabled them to efficiently internalize, analyze and share data.


Justin Gazard

Pharmacology and ADME Business Partner for research Business Technology, Pfizer


My name is Justin Gazard, I am the pharmacology and ADME business partner for research business technology at Pfizer. Basically, what that means is I partner with our clients to ensure that the software tools that we invest in meet the needs of our research scientists.

ActivityBase has helped our management assess the success of our programmes by providing good reporting tools that allow programme managers to look at how projects are progressing, how they compare to other programmes, and we can look at year over year trends on how data is being generated and internalized at Pfizer.

I would say that the ActivityBase software platform has really improved communication for programmes with our external partners, because we’re able to very accurately and quickly convey what it is that’s expected within any given project. Now it’s a very seamless, very quick process to take the data file, it gets imported in via the web client, and now you have a fully-realized ActivityBase test set that has the entire analysis intact. It saves time, it saves frustration, and users are very happy with it.

Pfizer and IDBS have worked on the ActivityBase programme together for several years now. One thing that I have really enjoyed over the course of these last several years is a willingness on the part of IDBS to take some of these use cases, take some of these requirements that we have provided and incorporate them into the base product.

As a result, we now have a workflow that is much more seamless, much less painful for the users to get their data internalized, analyzed and shared with project teams. We still have a lot of great ideas and we hope to continue to work with IDBS to continue to grow the product as we move into other technologies.

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