IDBS Blog | 4th May 2017

Is Email Really the Best Way to Collaborate with Your Outsourcing Partner?

Outsourcing partnerships have changed dramatically over the past 20 years.

Pharmaceutical drug discovery companies have finally embraced subcontracting as a way to harness strategic collaboration and expertise, and not just as a source of cost-effective labor.

Outsourcing partners have already become vital stakeholders in the drug portfolio of several prominent biopharmaceutical companies – as seen in the recently announced partnership between PRAH and Takeda Pharmaceuticals. The morphing of an external provider into an extension of Takeda’s clinical organization is not an outlier, but only one of many successful examples of the new model for getting innovative drugs to patients in quicker time.

This shift away from in-house operations has brought a fresh set of challenges for drug discovery companies. One of the most prominent hurdles is the consolidation of data from multiple organizations. IT organizations are placed in the difficult position of gatekeeping data packets while maintaining both security and organizational integrity.

But, surely facilitating meaningful collaboration has to be more secure than sharing final results via email? There’s got to be more to the science than just a colorful chart or summary results table. How can we get that level of insight across IT obstacles such as firewalls, domain filters, and myriad security protocols?

At IDBS, we have a unique proposition – The E-WorkBook Cloud platform: a secure environment that enables two-way transfer of data between collaborators in a controlled manner.

If you would like to know how you can take your data out of email and into the cloud then ping us at to test drive The E-WorkBook Cloud. Your email server will thank you!

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