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IDBS Blog | 15th March 2017

Validation in the Cloud? No Problem!

Today we announced we have now added a validatable service to The E-WorkBook Cloud platform. But what does this really mean for our customers?

In short, the validation services we’ve been offering to our on-premise customers for over 30 years are now available in the cloud too!

The E-WorkBook GxP Cloud enables customers to streamline their certification processes for regulatory bodies by providing a strong validation package and good audit trails, enabling audit questions to be answered and resolved promptly. Oh, and the offering can be used in both GLP and GMP environments! What’s not to like?

As we enhance our cloud offering at IDBS, providing a fully managed, validatable service in the cloud was a natural next step. There’s more to come too, so keep your eyes peeled…

Want to know more? We will be featuring the The E-WorkBook GxP Cloud in the lead article for our Insight Newsletter this Spring – you can register for the newsletter in just a few clicks here.

To find out more information about our Validatable Cloud service, read our press release here, or contact Stuart Ward, Head of Business Analysis here:

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