IDBS Blog | 8th February 2017

Think Going Paperless Just Saves Trees? Think Again.

At IDBS, we’re delighted that Achillion Pharmaceuticals has decided to use E-WorkBook for their electronic laboratory data capture.

With E-WorkBook, we will help Achillion improve data capture, knowledge sharing and management across a number of sites and locations.  But the journey doesn’t stop there.

Going paperless can improve operational efficiencies and reduce risk – by eliminating time spent on common tasks like searching through old notebooks, or looking for past experiments. By introducing E-WorkBook, Chugai Pharmacology – another one of our customers aiming to reduce their use of paper – saw efficiency gains of up to 30% in some departments, allowing them to use their resources more effectively.

With E-WorkBook and the Chemistry module now up and running, Achillion can expect to see similar benefits. The intended results? Saved paper, saved time, and ultimately, saved lives.

To find out more information about how we’re helping Achillion Pharmaceuticals go paperless, you can read our press release here.

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