Press release | 22nd February 2017

IDBS and ChemAxon Partnership Extends to Harness Leading Biomolecule Handling technology

Strategic technology deal strengthens IDBS’ single R&D data management platform

London, UK, Budapest, Hungary & Boston, US, February 22, 2017 – Today, IDBS announces that the strategic technology partnership with ChemAxon has been further strengthened. IDBS is now able to leverage ChemAxon’s Biomolecule Toolkit and BioEddie with its flagship E-WorkBook suite. The addition of the advanced biomolecule structure indexing and web rendering capabilities from ChemAxon complements IDBS’ deep-domain biology expertise and bolsters its single, cross-domain platform.

Paul Denny-Gouldson, Vice President, Strategic Solutions at IDBS said, “ChemAxon is a dynamic and innovative, scientific software provider. They have developed the Biomolecule Toolkit and drawing components very rapidly and we are extremely pleased we can leverage those in our web-based E-WorkBook R&D data management platform, which can be deployed both in the Cloud and on-premise. The industry has been demanding this type of capability for a long time and it is now being realized. Integrating it with E-WorkBook will enable scientists to capture and search all aspects of their biomolecule structural properties. We already capture and search everything else about biomolecules R&D in E-WorkBook but the structural information is the final piece of the puzzle”.

ChemAxon’s Biomolecule Toolkit stores all structural and non-structural information about complex biological entities and makes it searchable. BioEddie is an intuitive web-based biomolecule drawing package that enables biologists to define and visualize their molecules – something the chemistry world has been doing for decades. The Biomolecule Toolkit is also used as the foundation for a Biomolecule Registration solution supplied by ChemAxon – closing the gap again with the small molecule world. E-WorkBook will have an out-of-the-box interface with the ChemAxon Biomolecule registration solution.

“ChemAxon is always focused on its users’ scientific needs. This is why we could create an entire world of software solutions relying on our robust small molecule handling. Many of our customers, however, applied our tools to manage large biomolecules, which they of course were not readily designed for. Setting out to improve our abilities got us involved in the Pistoia Alliance HELM project, aimed at delivering a common language to describe complex biomolecules. The release of our Biomolecule Toolkit and its biomolecule drawing component, BioEddie, marks a milestone of ChemAxon being able to natively support biomolecules in our solutions.” said Dr Ferenc Csizmadia, CEO, ChemAxon. “IDBS’ E-WorkBook is a great platform to channel our knowledge into. Within the web environment users can easily zoom back and forth between sequence and atomic level. This opens up unprecedented ways of capturing biomolecule research activities, which will provide us novel use cases enabling us to further develop our and IDBS’ solution.”

IDBS and ChemAxon have been working on this innovative concept for some time. A handful of customers have already seen the first parts of ChemAxon’s technologies integrated in E-WorkBook when it was shown at the first joint IDBS & ChemAxon Biomolecule Forum, held in Boston during the ChemAxon UGM in September 2016. The feedback from this joint event was very positive and is now driving this innovative solution forwards.

For more information on the technology partnership please contact Paul Denny-Gouldson IDBS or Roland Knispel ChemAxon.

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