IDBS Blog | 1st December 2016

Support for Different Quantifiers

Organic reagents come in a wide variety of forms – and many of these will be often be liquids (which may have a density). Reagents may also be solutions in a solvent e.g. 2M BuLi in THF, or have a respective strength – H2O2 may have a 30% mass/vol solution, for example, or a Pd/C catalyst may have 5% mass/mass concentration. Going one step further, chemists will often use solid-supported reagents (described as mmol/g), either to perform the reaction, or to scavenge residual reactants.

With the web-based E-Workbook Chemistry notebook, we have provided capabilities for the user to easily describe the respective nature of the component, without having to perform separate calculations on a piece of paper in their notebook. Keeping things simple and assisting the chemist in their workflow is part of what makes the IDBS Chemistry ELN a great knowledge management tool.

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