IDBS Blog | 6th December 2016

Inline Editing of the Stoichiometry Item

Chemists need to be able to enter data quickly and easily, and to be able to see the changes to respective calculations as values are changed. The stoichiometry interface of our web-based E-WorkBook Chemistry lab notebook is undergoing a re-design, to provide a better user experience by formatting the data on the screen so it is easy to consume.

Part of this new user interface is the ability to enter and edit values in the stoichiometry table, simply by clicking in a cell. The user will also have the opportunity to easily re-define the units i.e. mass, volume or quantifier by clicking on the unit value.

User entered text is easy to differentiate from calculated values, as it appears in a ‘bold’ font. Chemists still have the ability to expand a row meaning they can enter supplementary metadata, such as comments or to define a salt type.

Implementing these changes makes the stoichiometry view more table-like and the feedback we have received is extremely positive! Simplifying the chemistry workflow and making the chemistry ELN easy to use is just part of the thought process we have implemented, helping to make the IDBS the leader in data knowledge management for discovery chemical research.

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