IDBS Blog | 22nd August 2016

Bringing Back Additional Information About a Referenced Structure

The ability to reference chemical structures and associated data from a third-party source is an essential feature of any electronic chemistry notebook. No one wants to have to go to a paper catalog or open a separate system to search for the properties of a compound when you’re planning a synthetic reaction. With the E‑WorkBook Chemistry ELN, we’re making this process easier to ensure we get the best blend of functionality and performance for the chemist using the software.

In a previous post (‘Adding Reagents Simply’, June 2016), Virendra Mishra introduced the new look-up functionality, to allow for the connection of disparate information sources into the ELN environment. We’ve now extended that functionality to allow the chemist to view the structure of the reagent and the associated information within the stoichiometry table itself by clicking on the information ‘i’ button in the relevant row.

By providing easy access to the associated information such as compound ID’s, batch and supplier information and hazard metadata, the chemist can be properly informed – not only when the reaction is initially performed, but when it may be repeated by someone else.

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