IDBS Blog | 13th July 2016

IDBS and ChemAxon, What This Partnership Means for Chemistry

IDBS has been developing a number of strategic partnerships over the past three years. This is part of our core strategy to ensure that our customers get the most appropriate tools and solutions to support their very diverse and scientifically demanding work. The idea is that, where we can, IDBS work with partners and integrate their technologies into the E-WorkBook platform as much as possible, to help create an ‘out of the box’ solution which can reduce the burden on customer IT groups.

The first major partner we have worked with is ChemAxon. We have integrated a number of their technologies into the E-WorkBook platform at various points. Everything we have done has been to support the scientific workflows. ChemAxon are renowned providers of chemistry tools and applications and so partnering and integrating their technology was an easy decision. This is despite the fact that IDBS has a long history of developing a cheminformatics platform called ChemIQ. Many of our customers already use ChemAxon technologies and, with the move to web browser technologies for the IDBS platform, it made good sense to enable ChemAxon technologies as part of this transition.

The redesign of the E-WorkBook interface gave us another opportunity to reassess the usability and user experience of the chemistry solutions. ChemAxon have joined IDBS’s new chemistry forums where we gather feedback on design ideas and capabilities that are directly applicable to chemistry workflows. This has given both companies greater insights into the opportunities to better support chemists and to understand the complex integration landscapes that exist in modern biotechs, pharmaceutical and chemical companies.

The latest IDBS platform release, E-WorkBook 10.1.3, has many new capabilities to support chemistry workflows including advanced chemistry searching (based on Chemaxon’s JChem cartridge), reactions drawing (based on Chemaxon’s latest MarvinJS) stoichiometry design, inventory lookup and registration to third party registration systems – one of which is ChemAxon’s Chemreg solution.

If you fancy seeing what this strategic partnership is delivering take a look at the Chemistry pages ( or you could even ask for a demo!

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