IDBS Blog | 21st June 2016

Registration Workflows

Whether you are creating novel molecules, or batches of re-synthesised compounds, the last step in the process is usually to register this compound to your corporate compound management system. Traditionally, this meant logging in a different system than the ELN, copying the molecule, adding metadata then transcribing the registration details to the original experiment (a step often forgotten.) As with any manual transcription process, these can be error-prone.

With the new version of the E-WorkBook chemistry ELN, we integrate this task directly into the stoichiometry item, allowing the user to simply click a button to initiate the compound registration process. Additional mandatory and non-mandatory data can be associated to the registration record without having to switch to a different application. Feedback of the successful registration is given in the application and a record of the registration event is added to the stoichiometry item.

IDBS chose to integrate to the ChemAxon Compound Registration system to start with, given it’s popularity in the marketplace. Because the ChemAxon Registration system is web based, we provide a hyperlink to this record within in the stoichiometry item, to allow the user to follow up on the registration event.

Making the registration process as seamless as possible is part of the design ethos that we are developing within the E-Workbook platform, to enhance the ergonomics and usability of the product.

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