IDBS Blog | 16th June 2016

Procedure Write-Up and Data Integrity

Earlier we wrote about the auto-text feature we provide in E-Workbook’s electronic notebook for chemists, which allows you to add predefined phrases to the procedure write-up with a single click.

This functionality is now even more powerful!

These phrases consist of the names and quantities you have previously entered into the stoichiometry table (see the “Making write-up simple” post).

Now, values are kept in sync between the stoichiometry table and the procedure write-up. Imagine writing up your procedure, adding reaction component names and quantities using the one-click auto-text feature. Later on, you realise you need to make an adjustment to the scale of the components in the stoichiometry table. You don’t need to rewrite the procedure – the system will automatically update the corresponding quantities in the procedure write-up for you.

Not only does this save you time, it also ensures greater data integrity, leaving you time to focus on what matters to you – the experiment itself.

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