IDBS Blog | 11th May 2016

Quicker, Faster Structure Drawing

Industry is moving away from traditional heavyweight desktop solutions (with all the support and maintenance overhead they entail), towards more lightweight, web-based solutions. ChemAxon’s Marvin JS (JavaScript) chemical structure editor, used directly in the E‑WorkBook chemistry ELN, provides the ability to draw and edit chemical molecules and reactions, without requiring the user to “hotlink” out to installed client drawing packages. This streamlines workflows for end-users by saving on button clicks and application load times, and reduces total cost of ownership for IT managers by saving on the licensing fees for additional applications.

MarvinJS also allows our customers to leverage more complex molecule rendering, such as complex organometallics and polymer structures. This integration to ChemAxon’s technology means that we can receive regular updates (benefiting from any new changes) and that the IDBS development team can focus on the core functionality of the product.

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