IDBS Blog | 6th May 2016

Meeting the Requirements of a Chemist

Chemists are always working with an end goal in mind – to conduct research efficiently and to reach a desired result. They need tools to plan, execute and record reactions, with access to historical experimental results to find new synthetic routes, optimize a reaction, or to develop new lead targets. All of this information should be available at their fingertips in a single integrated environment.

At IDBS, we have listened to chemists to help us develop a next-generation chemistry platform within the new E-WorkBook web-based ELN. Our aim is to provide users with an intuitive and performant system.

The concurrent partnership with ChemAxon provides expanded support to work with complex molecules, such as polymers and organometallics. We have redesigned workflows to make the process of capturing experimental data easier and simpler. The enhanced reaction stoichiometry interface provides users an intuitive way to perform calculations by anticipating users’ needs and allowing control over the behaviour of the calculation and the reaction components. We are designing interfaces to registration and inventory systems that allow users to register or search for compounds with the minimum of clicks. In addition, we will be integrating other third-party calculation tools and components for visualizations – providing the tools you use every day, in one place.

With its powerful cross-domain and collaboration capabilities, E‑WorkBook provides a single environment for integrating systems and bringing together data to provide a complete view. By reducing experiment duplication and sharing data across the organization, chemists can focus on what they do best – the research. Keep up to date with our progress by reading our Chemistry Development blog!

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