IDBS Blog | 24th May 2016

Making Write-Up Simple

One of the things that all of our chemistry customers seem to agree on is the utility and value of the auto-text features that we provided in the desktop version of our E‑WorkBook chemistry ELN, for assistance in the writing up of experiments.

It can be time-consuming for chemists to manually copy across reagent names and numerical quantities from the stoichiometry table to the procedure write-up, and this can lead to transcription errors. However, it is crucial that the procedure write-up is completely accurate and reliable, as it could form part of a future patent submission.

To help chemists, we thought it was essential to provide auto-text support for procedure write-up in the new web-enabled Chemistry Laboratory Notebook. In the new product, with a single click, users can easily add predefined phrases to the procedure write-up, consisting of the name and quantities the user has previously entered into the stoichiometry table. It’s another IDBS feature that makes the job of the chemist that much easier and more accurate!

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