IDBS Blog | 25th May 2016

Making Reaction Data Entry More Manageable

As a synthetic chemist, when you are recording your experimental data in a notebook, there are multiple data elements to account for each reacting component i.e. chemical name, molecular formula, molecular weight, mass or volume, number of moles, number of equivalents, whether the reactant is ‘limiting’ in the reaction, and so on.

To help users focus on what they need, it is challenging to establish the right balance in the interface between showing enough information at once, or showing too much.

The new stoichiometry experiment item of the E‑WorkBook chemistry ELN makes this easy, by providing two modes for each reaction component row in the stoichiometry table – view and edit. You can open an expanded ‘edit’ mode for an individual row, whilst still being able to see the relevant data in the other rows, which remain in ‘view’ mode.

When considering the usability of an electronic lab notebook, we find it’s often these little details which count. They may seem minor at first, but taken together, they all contribute towards our goal of making E‑WorkBook web the most user-friendly chemistry ELN available.

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