Press release | 19th May 2016

Frontage Bioanalytical Labs Go Paperless with IDBS E-WorkBook 10

  • Leading CRO’s use of E-WorkBook 10 could see Frontage boost efficiency by 40%

  • Frontage implement a single platform to manage end-to-end operations across labs

  • Frontage enforce quality, compliance and traceability within the bioanalytical lab

Boston, US & London, UK, May 19, 2016Frontage Laboratories, a full-service contract research organization (CRO) with labs in the United States and China, has selected IDBS E-WorkBook 10 to be deployed across its laboratory facilities. In addition to serving as the global electronic lab notebook (ELN), the Pennsylvania-based bioanalytical (BA) laboratory is implementing the IDBS BA solution as its lab execution system. These workflow configurations will ensure end-to-end compliance, quality, and traceability across the GLP laboratory.

“Far too many paper-based processes and storage requirements have led to challenges in our business. With IDBS’ E-WorkBook, we expect to very quickly see around a 40% increase in efficiency, and that will get even better over time,” said Azhar Kalim, VP of Business Development at Frontage. “Sample analysis will be streamlined by electronically tracking all material and reagents and deploying real-time QC to ensure compliance with the bioanalytical method. The end result will be higher quality and faster turnaround of incurred sample results.”

The leading drug development platform will help Frontage eliminate paper and drive best practice by automating BA processes across the lab. With E-WorkBook, Frontage will be able to implement an ‘Audit by Exception’ paradigm across all bioanalytical studies. Analysts will be guided through validated workflows covering material preparation to equipment management.

Kalim added; “We have 52 mass spectrometers currently, soon growing to 56. The old process was like trying to drive a very fast car on a poor quality road. After a lot of investigation into ELN solutions, IDBS was the obvious partner for us. Having limited the workflow customization required, we expect to be completely up and running in Pennsylvania very quickly. It’s not creating a whole new range of processes: E-WorkBook fits well with our current processes, so it is a more streamlined, faster overlay on our existing ways of working.”

A key differentiator for achieving higher quality results and faster timelines is the deployment of the IDBS lab execution system (LES). Such systems build on paper-replacement technologies like simple electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) and extend LIMS capabilities, in order to drive lab processes.

Frontage Labs is looking to innovate BA lab operations by approaching BA operations from a quality and compliance focused perspective. The deployment of E-WorkBook as a single platform to manage end-to-end operations within the BA lab is also a step toward integrating diverse CRO capabilities, such as integrated sample registration and tracking, from Phase 1 clinical study to DMPK and even CMC (product development) support.

“Working faster and smarter is key today, as labs are increasingly partnering with contract research organizations (CROs) and innovative biotechs to deliver results,” said Michael Hampton, Vice President, North American Operations at IDBS. “With E-WorkBook 10, Frontage is using cutting-edge technology and a single informatics platform to facilitate validated method execution and asset tracking across the organization. The use of E-WorkBook 10 will dramatically reduce study cycle-time and deliver high-quality results.”

E-WorkBook 10 will deliver a common informatics platform across all Frontage business units to maintain data integrity and security. It will also integrate with existing lab technology to streamline workflows. The CRO will roll out E-WorkBook 10 across its other global sites over the coming year.

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