Press release | 5th April 2016

Cloud is 'the Future of R&D', Says IDBS at Bio-IT World

  • IDBS sees rapid adoption of Cloud based services by small and mid-tier Pharma market

  • Majority of large enterprise accounts planning migration to IDBS hosted Cloud over next 3 years

  • E-WorkBook platform makes collaboration and data sharing simple

  • Over 50,000 researchers and 80% of the top 20 pharma firms worldwide now use IDBS software

Boston, US & London, UK, April 5, 2016 – Today at Bio IT World Conference & Expo 2016, IDBS signalled its commitment to delivering its enterprise research and development (R&D) platform in the Cloud. The strategic move sees E-WorkBook, a leading R&D platform created by scientists for scientists, available via software-as-a-service (SaaS) for organizations globally.

The agile, adaptable SaaS offering supports growing laboratory demands for automation, collaboration and data sharing, as well as robust IP security. “As the R&D landscape continues to change rapidly, labs are increasingly realizing the benefits the Cloud can deliver, especially with regards to reducing costs and ensuring flexibility in an era of externalization and collaborative partnerships,“ said Laurence Painell, Vice President, Product Management & Marketing, IDBS.

“This move sees us placing the enterprise level sophistication of the E-WorkBook R&D solution into the Cloud,  allowing customers to choose a deployment and support strategy which best suits their business needs, from traditional on-premise implementation or delivery via SaaS. E-WorkBook 10’s redesigned web-based interface provides a clean, intuitive experience to allow researchers to easily access the system across a variety of devices and locations and focus on the science, rather than struggle with supporting technology.”

Deploying E-WorkBook in the Cloud enables users to cut IT costs, with the hosted solution taking the strain off the IT team. Quick to implement and deploy, E-WorkBook in the Cloud means organizations can nimbly respond to market change and stay ahead of the competition. Total cost of ownership (TCO) is reduced as organizations access cost-effective, cutting-edge technology to manage the flow of information and data across the enterprise.

“The move to the Cloud forms a key part of our roadmap. Over the last 18 months we’ve continued to add superior functionality to expand our platform’s capabilities, whilst developing this new way of deploying the technology in support of business change,” Laurence added. “Now we can serve an area of the market that our on-premise offering hadn’t previously, and provide users a choice of deployment methods according to what best suits their needs. With our pedigree in the technology arena, we are confident that we are ahead of the game and will continue our ambitious growth plans as we head towards the next wave of E-WorkBook.”

E-WorkBook is an enterprise web-based platform which makes it simple for researchers to collaborate and share data. Delivering IP protection and streamlined workflow and process management, it is complemented by IDBS’ modular solutions including Connect, a secure portal for collaborating with external partners and Inventory for streamlining the management of samples, material and equipment. All this combined provides a comprehensive and flexible foundation for R&D. New modules, which will further enhance the platform, are currently in development and can be expected later this year.

For further information stop by booth 561-563 at Bio IT World.

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IDBS is a leading global provider of advanced software for research and development (R&D) organizations to securely capture, manage, share and exploit structured and unstructured data. Our technology and domain expertise enable users to link data to data, data to people, and people to people, to drive innovation, achieve faster time to market and improve margins. Our diverse customer list includes R&D driven international companies in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, agricultural sciences, chemicals, consumer goods, energy, engineering, food and beverage, and healthcare.

Founded in 1989, IDBS is headquartered in the United Kingdom with offices across Europe, Asia and the United States. IDBS remains a privately held company employing over 250 staff across the world and serving over 50,000 researchers in 25 countries – including over 80% of the top twenty pharmaceutical companies.

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