IDBS Blog | 20th August 2014

Effective Externalization Accelerates ‘Eureka Moment’

Fostering and driving collaboration across continents and businesses is no small feat. Data is at the heart of scientific discovery and product development. It must be the foundation on which global B2B working partnerships are built and managed. Scientists need to be in a position where they can draw conclusions and make decisions based on context-rich data, quickly and with the utmost confidence.

For actionable results, organizations must ensure their data is portable – packaged in the right format with appropriate context. Data also needs to be easy to incorporate into a pre-existing body of experimental results and corporate knowledge. Scientists need to trust the data to prevent repetition of work which dramatically increases cost and slows down drug discovery. This data-centric view of collaboration and externalization helps organizations address many of the challenges to their success.

We are witnessing a shift in R&D philosophies with organizations relying on externalization to get results quicker, within tougher budgets. With the right lab informatics in place, organizations will be able to keep on top of all data and results. This will not only protect IP but also speed up ‘Eureka moments’ which expand the frontiers of science.

For more on this trend see Professor Dr Jochen Maas, Sanofi-Aventis speaking at our recent user conference, IDBS Connect.

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