IDBS Blog | 7th October 2013

Looking into the Future of Enterprise Data Management

In a world of accelerating innovation, what is the future of enterprise data management? This fundamental question lies at the heart of the many challenges facing research and development (R&D) organizations today. Arriving at the right answer is critical to business success, both now and in the future. At a series of community forums held across major US cities, IDBS has been helping researchers explore this very topic. Our most recent community forums in Boston and New Jersey saw their local scientific communities network with industry peers and learn about the future of enterprise data management.

Boston and New Jersey’s R&D communities are typical of national, and international, researchers. The vast majority see considerable value in bridging the gap between multiple siloed data storing applications to enable a deep collaboration between internal and external teams. Streamlining processes using electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs) stores all research data with full context to facilitate collaboration to encourage innovation and ultimately, enhance and protect intellectual property (IP).

Guided by best practice talks from Momenta, Novartis, PTC and L’Oréal, attendees discussed the return on investments (ROI) from data management projects and what value electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs) such as IDBS’ E-WorkBook Suite can be expected to bring to their organizations. When it comes to ROI, what improvements can be realized over the course of 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or even 12 years?

IDBS has a further crucial role to play within these organizations by providing an exciting roadmap which will anticipate future business needs and fully leverage technological advances. Web-based applications which are powerful enough to capture new ideas and enable innovation wherever a scientist works are mandatory for the future.

IDBS’ US community forums continue to explore the future of enterprise data management. Our next event in Chicago on October 16 will see industry leaders across pharma, biotech, agricultural biotech and food & beverage explain how they have overcome R&D informatics and analytics challenges to transform their businesses.

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