Press release | 30th May 2013

IDBS Assists BiCHEM in Specialty Chemical Production Mission

E-WorkBook to eliminate repetition, boost productivity and improve collaboration

London, UK, and Boston, US, May 30, 2013 – IDBS, a global provider of innovative data management, analytics and modeling software, today announced that Netherlands-based BiCHEM Technology BV (BiCHEM) has selected E-WorkBook to support its drive to create novel processes for the production of base and specialty chemicals from biomass waste. E-WorkBook, the IDBS electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) and scientific data management platform, will support BiCHEM’s team by speeding up experimental data handling, ensuring knowledge is captured and secured in one place, and preventing unnecessary repetition of work.

Dr. José Rafael Hernández, BiCHEM’s Project Leader for the introduction of the electronic notebook, said: “In order to further develop, prove and commercialize technology, we required in-depth R&D and wanted a neat way to organize and handle our data. We chose E-WorkBook to manage experimental information electronically and to facilitate collaboration within our business. The flexibility the solution provides in terms of implementing our workflows and the ease of sharing and recalling data will allow us to realize improved outputs for our projects.”

Using E-WorkBook, BiCHEM can secure chemistry R&D data more efficiently than its previous paper-based methods. Calculation and workflow templates from one project can be copied and implemented into new projects, saving time and tedious duplication. This use of templates also helps standardize research processes. Finding and integrating existing data from across the company then takes just seconds with a simple query. By implementing E-WorkBook BiCHEM will improve information flow across all of its projects.

Neil Kipling, CEO and Founder of IDBS said: “Efficient data management frees up important time for scientists to work on their research. We designed E-WorkBook with busy scientists in mind, keen to help our users achieve strong results while accelerating the R&D lifecycle with a data-centric approach. We know that BiCHEM will see a significant return on investment by implementing E-WorkBook.”

A single platform, E-WorkBook is proven to increase operational efficiency through secure and flexible management of all research data and IP. The system’s flexible architecture can be configured to suit customer needs. Business rules and standard operating procedures (SOPs) can be incorporated to ensure consistency and quality across the organization.

About BiCHEM Technology BV

BiCHEM Technology BV is an R&D company started in 2010 aiming at the development of a process for the production of chemicals and transport fuels from lignocellulosic biomass. This biomass is abundantly present, e.g. in agricultural residues, including sugarcane and wood residues. A special feature of the process is the use of advanced cost-effective solvents in which the biomass is dissolved under mild conditions. The dissolved components are subsequently converted into high quality chemicals, which can be efficiently separated from the solvent and utilized for the production of platform specialty chemicals and fuel additives. BiCHEM is a subsidiary of BIOeCON, a privately funded company formed in 2006 with the vision to develop breakthrough technology for the production of economical and ecologically friendly second generation biofuels and chemicals from non-edible biomass. BiCHEM was founded to carry out a joint development agreement between BIOeCON and Petrobras.

About IDBS

IDBS is a global provider of innovative enterprise data management, analytics and modeling solutions. The company’s uniquely sophisticated platform technologies are used by more than 200 pharmaceutical companies, major healthcare providers, global leaders in academic study, and high tech companies to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve the productivity of industrial R&D and clinical research. IDBS is clearly differentiated by its unique combination of award-winning enterprise technologies and domain knowledge in R&D.

IDBS’ solutions help scientists, hospitals and R&D businesses produce the world’s newest therapeutics, diagnostics and personalized treatments, faster, cleaner engines and fuels, breakthroughs in productive agriculture, healthy, safer food products, and high tech materials and consumer products.

Founded in 1989 and privately held, IDBS is headquartered in Guildford, UK with a direct sales and support presence worldwide. IDBS is a Profit Track 100 company and the recipient of multiple awards including the Frost and Sullivan ‘Enabling Technology’ Award in R&D data management for 2010 and Queen’s Award for International Trade 2011. Further information can be found at, or follow us on Twitter @IDBSsoftware.

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