IDBS Blog | 11th January 2013

The Mayans Got It Wrong. Welcome to a Year of Big Data and Big Collaboration

A new collaborative data environment that will transform the world

There’s nothing quite like the morning after a good party. It’s a rollercoaster of reflection, recovery and sometimes embarrassment. It’s also often a time of new resolutions. For many of us the New Year provides the biggest ‘morning after the night before’ than most. Our article in yesterday’s  Genetic Engineering& Biotechnology News talks about the morning after the 50 year party enjoyed by the Life Sciences who are waking up to a new world.

This world has important new stakeholders, such as patients, it’s more globalized and collaborative. There is payerpowerpatient power and new science that is helping to drive the change and it’s demanding action. Translational medicine, personalized medicine, precision medicine, call it what you will, the Life Sciences are now focussed on outcomes and on delivering treatments that fit the disease like never before. Above all it is data driven.

Improve the data quality, improve the decision.

So is all this just Big Data? No. It’s about deep insights into what data need to be collected and smart (not just big) systems that make the data usable, then taking informed action to change practise for the better.

It is well established in Life Sciences and clinical environments that there remain significant gaps in data which make data comparisons, big or not, of limited value. Our work across industry and healthcare environments drives changes in clinical and R&D practise that address the data gaps and focus upon getting collaboration to work across these multiple disciplines. This was put well by Dr James McGurk when he said at IDBS’ Translational Medicine Symposium in London: “The more difficult it is for others to understand your data, the more likely it will be used badly.”

Welcome to a Big New Year!

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