IDBS Blog | 21st June 2012

Two Thousand Thanks… and More!

The IDBS Racy Ladies survive the Race for Life

We would like to say a HUGE, ENORMOUS and MASSIVE thank you to everyone who made a donation. Your generosity really means a lot to us and to Cancer Research UK.

There were all sorts of women joining in – from toddlers to the elderly, which was heartbreaking. Louise was particularly moved:

“We were behind a group of young teens, who all had signs on their T-Shirts saying ‘I’m racing for Life for my friend Zoe who is recovering’. But then I spotted a girl in the middle whose T-Shirt read ‘I’m racing for Life for ME’. It really made us realise how important the event was.”

Janet agrees: “I was really humbled by the stories I read as we made our way round the course.My daughter was also very proud of mummy. She has kept my medal to take to show and tell at school!”

As for me, apart from forgetting my race number and my MP3 not working, it was a fab day with an amazing atmosphere and some truly inspiring stories. Claire and Kaye both completed the race in 25 minutes, followed by myself and Charlotte at 29 minutes. It was a great (but good) surprise for us to get in under that 30-minute mark.

Even better, the sun was shining, which made the race a lot easier… and that ‘quick drink’ afterwards far more enjoyable.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

We’d like to thank everyone at IDBS’ Guildford office who joined in with the ‘Guess the Number of Sweets’ competition and our ‘Bake for Life’ day – these two alone raised £140.

Altogether, friends, family, colleagues and IDBS helped us to raise a grand total of just over£2,012, which is fantastic – and rather appropriate in this Olympic year!

Your support is truly appreciated by all of us. And it really does help to fund Cancer Research UK’s life-saving work.

Thank you again and well done everyone. Same time next year, ladies!

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