IDBS Blog | 7th June 2012

Jogging, the Treadmill, Spinning, Circuit Training …and Ice Cream

The ladies of IDBS prepare for The Race for Life

Working at IDBS, we often have an insight into ongoing research that covers a vast range of serious illnesses. But few have quite the same impact as Cancer. It is an illness that seems to touch the lives of so many we know. That’s why we, the ladies at IDBS, have decided to team up to take part in this year’s Race for Life in aid of Cancer Research.

For many of us it will be a very personal day. My fellow (or should I say sister?) runner Charlotte Smith has very special reasons for running:

I’m joining in because I lost my Grandpa to cancer 18 months ago. He was just 75 but his brain tumour was vicious and there was nothing they could do. The more money we can help contribute towards research, the closer we get to help prevent other families from suffering in the future. And if we can have fun at the same time then all the better!”

For me it’s a similar story. I’ve seen friends affected and watched far too many lose their parents and close relations to the disease. I think everyone is affected at some point and it’s nice we can turn a negative into a positive. I’m doing the odd spinning/circuits session here and there to improve my fitness and, of course, some jogging on the treadmill and around Stoke park.

Of course we haven’t been averse to a little ‘pressganging’ either! Woe betide any lone lady walking through reception recently, as Nadjia Drici knows only too well:

I was strongly pushed by the other team members to join the race, especially the two anonymous ladies by the reception counter! In terms of training, I am always very motivated on Monday morning … until Monday 10am.”

And some just fall into it, like Kaye Elphick:

“For me it was one of those random conversations that just went too far. Again the reception girls were involved and by the end of the conversation we were all going to go training regularly… but as the temperatures have gone up my speed has gone down. Now I’m running at below walking speed and being overtaken by people 20 to 30 years older than me! Looking forward to a fun day in good company and an ice cream to finish.”

The Race for Life will take place on Saturday June 16, at 14:00 at Stoke Park, Guildford. It’s not too late for any other IDBS girls reading this to join us. If you’d like our team reference, please let us know. There’s also a loose change jar in the finance office. All coins (or notes) greatly received!

So that’s about it for the moment. Wish us luck. And watch this space – we’ll keep you up to date with all the news.

Lauren Kisiel

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