IDBS Blog | 25th June 2012

Did Strong Process, Great Leadership, Innovative Support and High Customer Satisfaction Pay Off?

Service Excellence Small Team of the Year Awards – the results are in

This is my last blog for the IDBS Support Service Desk Institute Small Team of the Year Service Excellence Awards – now there’s a mouthful for the morning after the night before! The final chapter played out last night. And as I sit in my office nursing a slightly sore head, my mind flits back to the events of the last 24 hours.

We had been shortlisted. The judges had interrogated us. We had created our video. Suddenly the day of the Awards was here. We made our way up the M40, realizing that we had a real chance of winning.

We got to the venue on time, with everyone making a great effort. We would definitely win the Best Dressed Team Award – had there been one! Then in a stroke of genius, the organizers showed the England vs Ukraine football game on the big screen as we tucked into our pre-awards dinner.

The first few awards were announced, with the audience showing their appreciation. Suddenly, it was time for our award…

A hush descended as the video submissions for the three finalists were shown. Our competitors produced strong entries. But, I have to modestly say, ours was head and shoulders above them: huge thanks to Caroline Grainger for masterminding. See the video for yourself here:

And the winners are…?

The judges paused. Then in time honoured fashion we heard those magic words “And the winners are……………. IDBS”.

We all applauded, whooped and made our way on stage to collect the trophy. The judges agreed that we followed a strong process and had great leadership with a high focus on Customer Satisfaction. They believed we were truly innovative with our support offering and were always striving to make improvements wherever we can.

Knowing that we are viewed positively both inside and outside IDBS is great. And to receive the ultimate external recognition is the icing on the cake. The Team are delighted and I am immensely proud of what they have achieved.

There then followed a few hours of dancing, drinking (in not necessarily equal measures) and then a wave of congratulations for various people at the Awards.

Where to now, I hear you ask? Well we’re not going to stand still. All we can do is to continue to improve, and definitely never rest on our laurels.

Now, where are the paracetamol?

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