Press release | 28th March 2012

IDBS Delivers Platform to Accelerate Personalized Cancer Care at King’s Health Partners

Collaborative platform gives clinicians unprecedented access to consolidated data, driving disease understanding and personalized treatments

London, UK, and Boston, US, March 28, 2012 – IDBS, a global provider of innovative data management, analytics and modeling solutions, today announced that King’s Health Partners has deployed the Oncology Research Information System (ORIS). The ground-breaking platform is the first of its kind in production and consolidates translational medicine data from multiple sites into one system. ORIS will help uncover new avenues for research into cancer causes and personalized treatments to improve outcomes for patients in London and advance cancer research in the UK.

ORIS is based on the IDBS Enterprise Translational Medicine Solution, a product that supports cross organization translational medicine research, accelerating development of personalized treatments. The initial ORIS deployment allows King’s Health Partners to combine clinical, genetic and tissue sample data across more than 26,000 historic breast cancer patients alongside a current feed of new, consented patients’ data direct from the clinic into the longitudinal research database.

“ORIS is the ideal environment for us to advance our translational medicine studies to better understand the complex causes and molecular basis of cancer,” said Professor Peter Parker*, PhD, FRS, Head of the Division of Cancer Studies and R&D Lead for the Integrated Cancer Centre at King’s Health Partners. “By making better use of patient data across our partnership, ORIS will actively and positively impact patient care in the development of innovative cancer treatments and prognostics.”

ORIS also creates a valuable resource for pharma, biotech and diagnostic companies who are interested in collaborations in cancer research. The platform can identify patient cohorts – with similar disease characteristics – whose treatment, genetic profiles and outcomes can be followed while retaining complete patient confidentiality.

“Taking our platform into production is a major milestone for IDBS, King’s Health Partners and the personalized medicine community,” said Neil Kipling, CEO and Founder of IDBS. “It is the first system of its type in size and scope and provides capability that simply did not exist in one place until now. ORIS demonstrates the forward-thinking nature of King’s Health Partners and the capability the UK has to be a leader in the personalized medicine revolution.”

ORIS is a state-of-the-art informatics platform for examining clinical, diagnostic, pathological, biopsy, research and genomics centric data. Information is integrated from multiple sources including: an in-house Cancer Information System, the Electronic Patient Record and Diagnostic Imaging and Breast Pathology data. Disease ontologies and terminology mapping have been developed to support clinical data standards including ICD-10. All patient data is de-identified and secured within the system and made available to genomic analysis applications and analytics for patient outcomes and clustering. The design embraces flexibility and scalability that will enable King’s Health Partners and others centers of excellence to roll out the ORIS platform for use in multiple therapeutic areas.

*Professor Peter Parker, PhD, FRS, Head of the Division of Cancer Studies King’s College London, R&D Lead for the Integrated Cancer Centre at King’s Health Partners and Principal Scientist at the London Research Institute of Cancer Research UK.

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