IDBS Blog | 26th January 2012

Pride in the IDBS Badge

Friday January 20, 2012 was a proud day for the Healthcare team at IDBS as our new US Healthcare Center of Excellence was opened by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick in front of a crowd of local dignitaries, press and analysts, customers and, of course, our employees.

New gene sequencing technologies have – in the space of only 12 years – reduced the cost of sequencing a human genome from $3bn to $1000. To apply this data to clinical decision support requires new approaches to data management and understanding of genetics in the clinic. Our translational medicine solutions provide an enabling capability.

We see tremendous opportunity for Massachusetts and the rest of North America, as a result of the Meaningful Use Program, to advance scientifically and clinically from the growing availability of electronic medical records, but clinical and genetic data needs to be pulled together and made consumable by those who can take action for the benefit of patients.

Forward-looking organizations we speak with are looking for ways to use data from the clinic to accelerate research and then to apply the genetic and genomic understanding back into the clinic. With our ground breaking new systems, such as the ORIS project at King’s Health Partners, we are delivering this critical piece of the personalized medicine puzzle.

We believe it is critical to unite diagnostics, pharmaceutical, academic centers and now hospital environments to create a collaborative genomically-centered ecosystem that is focused on improving patient care and research. Our new Center of Excellence is the hub around which we are building these systems in the US.

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