Press release | 6th December 2011

Royal Society of Chemistry and IDBS Automate Online Publishing of Chemistry Research

Alliance with University of Cambridge Creates ‘Instant Messaging’ of Chemistry Data via ChemSpider, Fostering Collaboration and Streamlining Research

Guildford, UK, and Burlington, Mass., December 6, 2011 – IDBS, a global provider of innovative data management, analytics and modeling solutions, today announced the release of ‘real-time’ publication capability for research chemists directly from their electronic notebook. This innovative approach enables researchers to publish their chemistry data to send it directly to the ChemSpider online compound database and provides seamless access to the most comprehensive view of freely available chemical data. Now researchers using E-WorkBook can connect to ChemSpider to share and reuse their work,  eliminating unnecessary repeated experiments, and providing valuable contributions to the world’s knowledge of chemistry. This capability has been developed by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), in partnership with the University of Cambridge and is freely available to all users of E-WorkBook.

Making Valuable Data Available to the Scientific Community

“Much of chemistry research is essentially lost, with many results simply not published and left languishing in forgotten lab notebooks,” said Professor Robert Glen, professor of molecular sciences informatics and director of the Unilever Centre for Molecular Sciences Informatics, University of Cambridge. “Now, capturing novel molecules soon after synthesis on a searchable database like ChemSpider is an effortless process driven directly from the electronic laboratory notebook (ELN). This will encourage sharing of compounds, synthetic methods and all the associated data, and will significantly increase collaboration and cut research time. It’s instant messaging for chemists.”

Saving Time, Improving The Quality of Science

Scientists worldwide can now access ChemSpider’s chemistry content directly from E-WorkBook to discover physical and biological properties, spectra, suppliers, links and safety information about compounds before synthesis and use the data in their experiments. Researchers can search on a particular chemical structure and learn what experiments have been conducted and see previous experimental results and new discoveries. This wealth of knowledge saves considerable time and enables people to focus on positive outcomes, resulting in time savings and efficiency gains.

“The ability to now publish compound data from the IDBS ELN (E-WorkBook) directly to ChemSpider offers a path to direct exposure of novel chemistry as well as the chemist doing the work. This public compound registration capabilty is the first move towards ultimately exposing synthetic methods and associated experimental data to the community. Our vision is coming to fruition through this collaboration,” said  Anthony Williams, VP Strategic Development of ChemSpider.

Enabling Collaboration

“This valuable partnership with the Royal Society of Chemistry and the University of Cambridge is another example of how IDBS is promoting cooperation among the various sectors of the life sciences industry. Together we have created a bridge to facilitate sharing and collaboration, helping scientific and academic chemical researchers get to results quicker,” said Chris Molloy, VP of Corporate Development at IDBS. “By simplifying the publishing of results to ChemSpider, we are encouraging the sharing of chemistry methods and data to advance the development of novel compounds and treatments”.

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About the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

The Royal Society of Chemistry is the UK Professional Body for chemical scientists and an international Learned Society for the chemical sciences with more than 48,000 members worldwide. It is a major international publisher of chemical information, supports the teaching of chemical sciences at all levels and is a leader in bringing science to the public.

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