IDBS Blog | 3rd August 2011

Driving the Adoption of Personalized Medicine

It’s encouraging to see personalised medicine being featured front and centre in The Times today in the article by Mark Henderson.

Making diagnosis and treatment decisions based on an individual’s genetic makeup seemed a long way off just a few years ago but with the advancements in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) driving down costs there is a growing opportunity to utilise this data to improve patient outcomes.

IDBS is dedicated to supporting the adoption of personalised medicine and is working with many UK hospitals and especially as part of the Technology Strategy Board Stratified Medicines Initiative to provide the informatics solutions needed to do this and to increase the attractiveness of the UK as a centre for biotechnology.

The effective use of genetic information in a clinical environment requires the worlds of electronic medical records and genomic analysis to be seamlessly combined and delivered in a robust research platform to support patient clustering and outcomes research.

At IDBS we are committed to delivering on this vital need and accelerating personalised medicine research.

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