IDBS Blog | 30th August 2011

A More Compatible, More Intuitive E-WorkBook: You Asked for it. We’re Working on It.

Sharing, analysing and interrogating data to make it meaningful is crucial. Yet much of the world’s most powerful software can be a nightmare to integrate and often requires in-depth, expensive training to enable you to use all those vital features. Until that changes we’ll get nowhere.

Being faced with software you can’t integrate and features you can’t use is like looking at a car and only being able to admire the shiny paintwork, while you have no idea what you have to do to examine the engine.

Lost in the software jungle

Everywhere I go I hear people ask, “What button do I press to get that window?” or “What does that icon mean?” … and then they have to wait for the IT guru to supply the answers.

My point is this. Why do we have to put up with so many interface problems? Why do icons have so many different meanings across applications? Why do we all spend days trying to get software applications working together rather than getting on with pioneering research? Why are the most powerful enterprise software solutions so unfathomable – with thousands of confusing buttons designed by technocrats for technocrats? Until we democratise the functionality of software, make it simpler to use and more intuitive, (yes – make it more “Apple”!), its value will always remain limited.

I want to see an end to the drudgery of having to copy, paste, make a summary through other systems, and then push data on to specialists in what becomes a long, laborious and pointless process.

Simplicity is the key

A simple, single interface on top of all your applications with one data layer on top of all your data silos is the Holy Grail. Imagine being able to run all your software routines from one place. That will harness the potential of today’s most vital software for all. And whatever you may have been told, it is possible to do. I know, I’m on the case.

Our E-WorkBook Suite can provide a single point of access to all your software by integrating all interfaces and features. Already we have connected Matlab to E-WorkBook to expose a powerful routine that is available in just two clicks.

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