Press release | 19th July 2011

IDBS Launches E-WorkBook for the Web

First of Leading Enterprise ELN Solutions to have Web-Based Client; Additional BioBook and ChemBook Releases Provide Enhanced Chemistry and Regulatory Capabilities

Guildford, UK, and Burlington, Mass., July 19, 2011 – IDBS, a global provider of innovative data management, analytics and modeling solutions, today launched E-WorkBook Suite 9.1, the newest release of the world’s fastest growing, data-centric, electronic laboratory notebook (ELN). The release combines three major elements. Firstly the award-winning E-WorkBook ELN is now available as an authentic web-based client. In addition, the E-WorkBook for Biology and for Chemistry extensions (BioBook and ChemBook) both have been enhanced to provide significant additional chemistry and regulatory compliance functions for use at the desktop. These include improved functionality for parallel synthesis and multi-step reactions to support those working in process, medicinal and analytical chemistry as well as fine chemicals.

E-WorkBook is the first of the leading global ELN solutions to release a true web based client. This groundbreaking development enables researchers to access, manage and share their data in secure mobile environments and also reduces deployment time and administration across their organizations. The release supports searching, browsing and viewing of data as well as supporting additional social media functions such as tagging and comment. E-WorkBook for the web enables effective internal and external collaboration and can significantly accelerate ‘time-to-decision’ across R&D.

“E-WorkBook’s revolutionary web client enables researchers to fully access their data securely from any location and on a wide-range of platforms,” said Neil Kipling, founder and CEO of IDBS. “We have listened intently to our customers and provided the first of many new innovations in secure, mobile R&D informatics, once again raising the bar for enterprise R&D data management.”

“IDBS is one of a few mainstream ELN vendors displaying this vision, not only responding to industry needs but using innovation to deliver a product that will push the market to its next level of efficiency,” said Ruchi Mallya, Senior Analyst, Pharmaceutical Technology, Ovum. “The enhanced capabilities in E-WorkBook will help organizations better use all available data to gain further insight and drive faster, better results.

As organizations deploy data management and analytics to help improve their processes, ELN technology must keep up with the worker mentality and mirror how people actually work today – on the go, connected via the web to colleagues in collaborative networks around the globe.”

Increased Chemistry and Regulatory Compliance Capabilities

With version 9.1 of ChemBook, researchers can now create stoichiometry tables for linear reactions with more than one step; and define a generic reaction and a set of reactants and instantly generate tables of enumerated products, reactions and stoichiometry details, using desktop processing to power the calculations.

In addition, Version 9.1 of BioBook makes local digital signatures easier to perform and also supports PDF/A export. It allows signatories to be searchable and incorporates other improvements to task flow and metadata capture. All of these features complement E-WorkBook’s comprehensive 21 CFR Part 11 compliant functionality and maintain its SAFE-BioPharma signature compliance.

Neil Kipling continued: “While we are recognized as the leading provider across biology and multidisciplinary research, our unique chemistry capability is now recognized by the world’s leaders in fine chemical and petrochemicals as first class.”

Please join upcoming IDBS webinars to get an overview of E-WorkBook Suite 9.1 and to learn more about the new E-WorkBook web-based functionality.

About IDBS

IDBS is a global provider of innovative enterprise data management, analytics and modeling solutions. The company’s uniquely sophisticated platform technologies are used by more than 200 pharmaceutical companies, major healthcare providers, global leaders in academic study, and high tech companies to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve the productivity of industrial R&D and clinical research. IDBS is clearly differentiated by its unique combination of award-winning enterprise technologies and domain knowledge in R&D.

IDBS’ solutions help scientists, hospitals and R&D businesses produce the world’s newest therapeutics, diagnostics and personalized treatments, faster, cleaner engines and fuels, breakthroughs in productive agriculture, healthy, safer food products, and high tech materials and consumer products.

Founded in 1989 and privately held, IDBS is headquartered in Guildford, UK with a direct sales and support presence worldwide. IDBS is a Profit Track 100 company and the recipient of multiple awards including the Frost and Sullivan ‘Enabling Technology’ Award in R&D data management for 2010 and Queen’s Award for International Trade 2011. Further information can be found at, or follow us on Twitter @IDBSsoftware.

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