IDBS Blog | 28th June 2011

If You Think Enterprise ELNs Only Save Paper, Think Again

The switch from paper-based notebooks to Electronic Lab Notebooks has proved as profound as the move from 78rpm records to iTunes. To stay competitive in this increasingly data driven world, investing in ELNs is becoming more and more crucial.

Nowhere is that more true than in preclinical drug development.

In just five years the use of ELNs throughout late stage research, development and manufacturing, (dare I say, spearheaded by IDBS’ E-WorkBook), has led them to become enterprise systems offering everyone an easily mined and searchable rich data source.

Today’s advanced Enterprise ELNs integrate with existing LIMS to offer highly sophisticated and flexible data capture. Combining these systems removes bottlenecks typically found between disparate data sources and provides much faster access to raw scientific data and its context.

The business benefits are evident and proven – more effective collaboration, fast reporting and easier compliance with initiatives such as ‘Quality by Design’. That’s what I call a significant commercial advantage.

If ever there was a time to re-evaluate whether an ELN is the right system for you, it’s now.

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