Press release | 27th May 2009

IDBS Announces its Innovation Partner Program to Expand Research Data Management Applications

Guildford, UK, May 27, 2009 – IDBS, a leading provider of informatics solutions, today launch their ‘innovation through partnership’ programme. The scheme is an extension of IDBS’ existing partnering programme, designed for complementary technology organizations to work together and maximize the value of their research and data management systems.

IDBS’ partnering projects will make the latest developments in the capture, analysis and visualization of information available to customers. The scheme will ensure that the best applications for managing, sharing and securing data are developed, with the benefit of combining technical expertise. Partnerships will accelerate product development and add further value to informatics solutions.

Currently working alongside principal suppliers of infrastructure and technology, IDBS intends to build on existing technology partners including Microsoft, Oracle and PerkinElmer. In working collaboratively with existing research and technology organizations, and building relationships with other companies, IDBS’ partnerships will offer customers powerful and flexible choices to meet their individual data management needs.

IDBS will also specifically extend its consultative partnerships as a way of ensuring high quality local support for customers around the globe. Building on existing close relationships with a-tune software ag (Germany), CTC-LS (Japan) and Kooprime Pte LTD (Singapore), IDBS will expand its consultative network, and work with regional leaders in scientific research informatics to complement its award winning professional services organization.

Neil Kipling, founder and CEO of IDBS commented: “IDBS’ innovation through partnership programme demonstrates our commitment to providing the best software solutions for our current and future customers. Further collaboration with global research and technology organizations will build on the highly efficient and effective development of our products. Partnering ensures the most comprehensive solutions are offered, increasing the speed and success of software innovation.”

About IDBS

IDBS is a trusted provider of integrated data management software and service solutions to both the life science and non-life science industries. The company’s ActivityBase and E-WorkBook Suites provide gold standard chemistry and biology data support from target validation to GxP validated phases of the R&D process. The company supports long term relationships with the leading research organizations, maximizing the value of research data by enabling the capture, storage, sharing and use of data, while protecting intellectual property across the spectrum of research activities. As part of its technology partner program, IDBS currently includes SAFE BioPharma Association, Microsoft, Oracle, Advanced Chemistry Development Inc, PerkinElmer and Titian. IDBS’ current commercial partners include SVS, a-tune, KooPrime and CTC-LS.

Headquartered in Guildford, UK, IDBS has worldwide coverage, with U.S. offices in California, New Jersey and Massachusetts, consultancy teams across Europe and a network which delivers IDBS products and advisory services across Asia. Founded in 1989, IDBS employs more than 170 people worldwide.

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